Automotive Sales Training Teaches Confidence is the Key to Being a Great Car Salesman

Looking for a career change and thinking of working in the Auto Sales industry? Well look no further as I am here to guide you, based on my experiences as a former Auto Sales professional, on how to be the best one ever!

The pay in auto industry sales is very intriguing. If you are a good salesman, you can make around 48k-60k per year. Most dealerships will offer a base salary along with an incentive commission which can range anywhere from 15% to 25%.

Training for the position involves learning each dealership’s particular methods. Personally, I was taught to go from either a wholesale or retail approach. Exceptional mathematics skills are a must in this industry. You must be able to quickly and efficiently compute basic math in your head. In most cases, if you have to stop and pull out a calculator, you will loose your momentum in the sales pitch.

You also need to have basic working knowledge of the brand of automobiles that you are offering. Most information about the options and features available on the model can be readily found at the dealership. Most offer literature on all makes and models they sell. Study these very closely if you have never paid much attention to vehicles. It will provide very useful research when consumers are asking questions.

Being NADA certified only adds to your negotiating tools as a successful professional. Completing 6 interactive training courses along with doing 191 minutes of example video scenarios will allow you all the necessary information to pass the examination. In my experience, a NADA certified professional will go far !

The final stage is to complete your exam. Carefully review all your notes and take any pre-exam tests to better prepare yourself. There are several preparation tools that you can find online. Take advantage of every possible tool that you can find. Every ounce of preparation you can use will only make you more powerful when it comes to test time.

Lastly, confidence is key. You must prepare yourself to the best of your ability. The more you feel you know your stuff, the more confident you will be when speaking with customers. And everyone knows that for a stranger to trust you, you must be confident and know what you are talking about. You will have approximately 3-5 days to prepare you for the full-on sales experience on average.

Confidence is the key factor to being a successful salesperson. To be confident, you must know your product, have awesome math computation skills and be NADA certified. Having all these skills will draw customers to you and bring you success.

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